A simple and natural energy healing that will leave you feeling centered, balanced, and relaxed.

Recharge your batteries and restore balance in your life


It's hard to be happy and free when you're weighed down by all this stuff. 

Not only is it emotionally draining to carry this weight around, but it also has a physical impact on your body. The stress of dealing with all this negative energy takes its toll over time. 

Reiki can help you let go of all that pain and negativity and restore balance and peace in your life. It's a powerful energy healing modality that can help you release the stagnant energy from the scars and baggage that your body has collected and stored throughout your lifetime. With regular Reiki sessions, you can start to feel more relaxed and positive, and begin to move forward in your life with clarity and purpose.

I get it.

You're tired. You're stressed. And you're carrying around a lot of baggage. 

Imagine going from...

to feeling...

Chronically stressed


Worried and anxious

Acting out negative conditioning and behavior

Deeply relaxed


Calm, centered and grounded

High vibration throughout your entire body

take control of your own healing and well-being

it's your turn to...

Energize your mind, body, and spirit with Reiki

Often times, we can feel tired, burnt out and unbalanced due to the stressors of daily life. These stressors can be work-related, personal or even just the general hustle and bustle of life. This stress and unprocessed emotion gets stuck in our body, and this stagnant energy creates blockages in our energy centers that prevent energy to flow through us properly.

When we don't take the time to clear these blockages, it's easy to fall into a state of imbalance where we feel run down, or in a rut feeling like we're not living up to our potential and that our life is not as fulfilling as it could be. 

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Reiki is a form of energy healing based on the belief that there is an unseen life force energy that flows through us and is responsible for our wellbeing. If this life force energy is blocked, it can lead to physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

Reiki is a safe, gentle and non-invasive therapy that releases the stagnant energy that has built up in our bodies from these daily stressors, as well as emotional baggage from the past. When this energy is released, we can start to feel more balanced, more energized, and more vibrant.

Reiki works by channeling this life force energy into the body to promote healing by cleansing and balancing the chakras, and sending that life force energy into the body. The practitioner uses their hands to channel energy into the chakras, which helps to remove any blockages and bring about harmony.

This is where Reiki can help.

After Reiki, you will feel more relaxed, centered, and focused. 

 You will notice an improvement in your overall health, and your chronic problems will gradually start to clear up. You will also find it easier to let go of negative behaviors and patterns. 

Since its inception in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, it has been used to help millions of people around the world who are seeking relief from physical, mental and emotional ailments.

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Reiki dissolves energy blockages, releases emotional wounds, and helps change negative conditioning and behavior. 

raises your vibration

Reiki relieves pain, accelerates natural healing of wounds, and helps prevents the development of disease. 

improves health

Reiki centers your thoughts when you are confused, calms you when you are frightened, and focuses your mind to help you solve problems. 

calms your mind

Reiki brings about deep relaxation, relaxes you when stressed, and energizes you when you feel drained. 


Benefits of a Reiki Healing

The natural way to better health

My name is Adreanna and I have been working with energy for the past three years. I am a Reiki level 2 certified practitioner and have a close lineage to Dr. Mikao Usui, the creator of Reiki. I have been able to help people heal from various issues including physical pain, emotional trauma, and energetic imbalances. I'm empathetic and highly intuitive, and I use these gifts to help my clients heal from energetic blocks they may not even knew were holding them back from their goals and dreams. I am passionate about helping others to heal and live their best lives.

hey there!

I'm Adreanna — certified master hypnotist, and self-growth junkie.

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What to expect

When you come in for a session, we will discuss your goals and intentions. What are you looking to achieve by working together? I will play music to get you into a relaxed, Theta state. This is the state where you are most open to receiving Reiki energy. 

discuss intentions




Once you are relaxed, I will begin to cleanse your chakras of stagnant energy and harmonize your aura, using my intuition and spiritual guidance to work on any specific areas that have blockages. I will also spend time on any areas you would like me to focus on.


energy healing

I will continue the session by using my hands to to channel Reiki to restore new, life force energy into your chakras. The Reiki will do whatever is needed to release you from the fears and barriers that prevent you leading a happy fulfilling life. You may feel a warmth or tingling in the area that I am working on, or you may feel a coolness, or you may feel nothing at all. Some people fall asleep during a session, as it is very relaxing. Trust that your experience is exactly what you're supposed to experience.


discuss insights

After the session, I will give you time to come back into your body and be present again before we talk about your experience. Most people feel more balanced, have increased clarity or a deeper sense of well-being. Some physical conditions may also improve after a session. Once the session is complete, we will discuss any insights or observations that came up for you during the session. If you choose to do hypnotherapy in your session as well, we will go right into hypnosis at this time.

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are looking to practice self-care

want to relax, rejuvenate and heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level

are experiencing stress, anxiety, worry, and fear

want a natural way that may help heal your pain or wounds

are constantly feeling drained are looking to center, ground, and refocus their mind

are interested in holistic healing

are looking to increase the vibrational frequency of your body

Reiki may be for you if you...

Ready to heal?

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+ are feeling drained and need a boost of energy
+ are looking to feel relaxed, centered, and focused
+ are feeling stuck, or stagnant energy in your body
+ restore a sense of balance and peace in your life
+ release irritability, negativity and stress

If you want to...

45 minute Zoom session

Single Reiki Session

Select the plan that works for you

Reiki + Hypnotherapy

+ explore the issue more deeply and make lasting change
+ break free from bad habits and behaviors for good
+ work on motivation to reach your goals
+ eliminate limiting beliefs and fears
+ build confidence, self esteem, and self love


30 minute Zoom Reiki session followed by 1 hour hypnotherapy session

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What is REIKI?

Reiki is a natural, safe and effective way to promote healing in the body. It can be used to help relieve stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue and many other conditions.

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Anyone can benefit from Reiki. Reiki is a very gentle and non-invasive way to heal. It is suitable for people of all ages, including babies, children, pregnant women, the elderly and those who are sick or in hospice care.

How long does a Reiki session last?

A Reiki session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

How often should I get a Reiki treatment?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It depends on your individual needs and what you are hoping to achieve through Reiki. Some people may benefit from weekly treatments, while others may only need a few sessions per month.

Is there any scientific evidence to support the claims made about Reiki?

There is some scientific research that has been conducted on Reiki, though more studies are needed. Some of the findings suggest that Reiki may be helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and pain. It has also been shown to improve sleep quality and overall well-being.

How do I find a qualified Reiki practitioner?

While I hope you choose to work with me, I respect everyone's opinion. Ultimately, I want you to work with someone YOU connect with so that you can receive the best healing you can. If you choose to look elsewhere for a practitioner, there are many ways to find a qualified Reiki practitioner. You can ask for recommendations from friends or family or search online directories.

What should I expect during a Reiki treatment?

During a Reiki treatment, you will generally sit or recline in a comfortable chair. I will play relaxing music, and you will close your eyes. With your eyes closed, I scan your body starting at your head and moving down to your feet. You may feel a warmth, coolness, tingling, or a magnetic sensation during the treatment, or you may feel nothing at all. Some people fall asleep during a session, while others experience a deep sense of relaxation.

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

It is helpful to come to the session with an open mind and a willingness to change. Other than that, there is no preparation needed. Just show up and be ready to relax and let go!

Is there anything I need to do after a Reiki treatment?

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water after a Reiki treatment, as this will help to flush out any toxins that may have been released from your body during the session. You should also avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours following a treatment. Other than that, there is no special aftercare required. Just listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

What are the side effects of Reiki?

There are no known side effects of Reiki. You may feel lethargic or a slight headache afterwards. This is a result of your body releasing and venting old energy. This is good, that means that your body is healing! It will pass shortly, but to expedite the process you may take a shower or use an energy cleansing spray.

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