Holistic wellness tools to become your favorite version of yourself, and live an authentic life. All free to help you on your self discovery journey and work towards a happier life through intentional living. 

your mind

Release tension, stress, and anxiety so that you can power forward with greater confidence, clarity, and motivation

Peace Maximizer
Guided Hypnosis

A tool that can help you rehearse your day, visualize your goals, release pent-up emotions, and cultivate the emotions you need to succeed

Magnetic Desires
Guided Hypnosis



be  you

On your journey, be confused, be frustrated,
be broken, be whatever you need to be, but be brave enough to

On your journey, be confused,
be frustrated,
be broken,be whatever you need to be, but be brave enough to

you'll love

Get a better idea of who you are and who you want to me with this 2 week guide to start building a deeper relationship with yourself.

Self Love


A daily routine that harnesses the potential of your subconscious to transform your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Daily Reprogramming Journal


Including tips, resources, journal prompts, worksheets and scripts to make you feel more comfortable if you’re thinking about starting therapy

Starting Therapy

Elevate your meditations with these mantras. Choose between 150+ mantras on success, positive thinking, anxiety, self confidence, body positivity, and more!

Mantras for your meditation practice



From spiritual to self healing, these are the reads I keep coming back to and recommend to everyone on their personal development journey! 

What's On My Bookshelf

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