9 Things Hypnosis Can’t Do

written by: Adreanna Santos     |     March 5, 2023

Woman in Hypnosis with text saying 9 Things Hypnosis Can't Do

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that's been around for thousands of years, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about it. Lots of people think hypnosis is some kind of voodoo magic that can make you do stuff against your will – I’m here to tell ya, it's nothin' like that. Hypnosis is definitely a powerful tool, but it's no mind control! Hypnosis isn't something that'll force you to do anything against your will; it's just a tool that can help you unlock your subconscious and reach your goals. In this post I'm gonna fill ya in on the 9 things hypnosis can't do – check it out!

9 Things Hypnosis Can't Do

1. Hypnosis cannot force someone to do something outside of their own moral values or beliefs.

The idea that hypnosis is some sort of magical mind control tool is totally incorrect. Hypnosis may help you achieve your goals, but it won't make you do anything against your values or beliefs. It's not like an evil hypnotist can just snap their fingers and get you to do something naughty! The suggestions made under hypnosis are filtered through your own mental state and personal convictions, meaning that if it doesn't align with your moral code, then it's not going to work! So don't worry folks – no hypnotherapist can ever force you to act against your own ethical judgement! (Yes this means clucking like a chicken)

2. Hypnosis cannot lead to total mind control or change someone's personality dramatically.

Contrary to what some people may think, hypnosis will not turn you into a mindless zombie or completely change your personality. It can help an individual access certain thoughts, feelings and behaviours that would otherwise be blocked off - but only within their own moral boundaries. Don't worry folks - no hypnotherapist can ever force you to act against your own ethical judgement! Hypnosis is an empowering tool - it's not some form of mind control. So when you're going in for a session, just remember that you are always in control of your thoughts and actions - no matter what the hypnotherapist says!

3. Hypnosis cannot be used to make people reveal their deepest secrets or tell lies.

Hypnosis can't be used to force someone to do something they don't want to, no matter how hard Hollywood tries! It has been portrayed in movies as a way to make someone reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings against their will; but that's just not true. Hypnosis may help an individual access certain memories or emotions, but it can't be used to make someone tell you something they don't want to.

Also, this form of therapy won't make someone lie - any information provided under hypnosis is still based on their own beliefs and experiences. No way can hypnosis be manipulated or forced; suggestions must always stick to the individual's values and beliefs. Put simply, hypnosis is not and will never be a form of coercion!

Infographic with 9 Things Hypnosis Can’t Do

4. Hypnosis cannot cause an individual to forget past memories against their will.

Hypnosis isn't going to make you forget any of your past memories, no matter how uncomfortable or unwanted they might be. Sure, the hypno-experience might give you access to certain emotions, thoughts and behaviors that are usually blocked off – but it won't cause you to lose any of your past events or memories. It can help you overcome any mental blocks or anxieties related to your past, but it's not going to erase them completely against your will. Your personal judgement is still going be the deciding factor when it comes to remembering or forgetting stuff from your past. Hypnosis can give you a powerful way to explore yourself, unlocking deeper levels within and helping you become more open to suggestion - but only in ways that are true to your beliefs and values.

Boom! It's like, a self-discovery mission for ya!

5. Hypnosis cannot cure physical illnesses or diseases, nor can it change an individual's DNA or genetics in any way.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not some magical healing tool that can solve all your problems. It won't make you look twenty years younger or give you superpowers. All it can do is get you in touch with certain thoughts and behaviours that you may have blocked off before. And if you're feeling down due to a physical illness, it may be able to help reduce the psychological symptoms associated with it or it may be able to help with pain management, but it should never be used as a way to diagnose, treat or cure any physical ailments or illnesses.

Plus, hypnosis isn't capable of changing your DNA or genetics in any way - so no you can't use it to shrink your nose or magically grow your butt! All that said, hypnosis can still be a great tool for helping you unlock and explore your inner potential, or helping you deal with the underlying emotions around WHY you want to change these things. But let's be clear: it's not a miracle worker, and definitely not meant to be used for medical treatments outside its scope! All in all, hypnosis can provide some real insights into yourself - just make sure you stick to using it within its intended boundaries.

6. Hypnotic suggestions are only effective if the individual wants to act on them; they will not work on someone who is resistant to suggestion or unwilling to comply with the hypnotist's instructions.

Hypnosis can be an incredibly powerful tool for personal growth, exploration and accessing those inner emotions, thoughts and behaviours that we have kept hidden away. But it's important to remember that the hypnotic experience won't work if someone is resistant or unwilling to comply with instructions. We must respect this by never using hypnosis as a way to manipulate or control another person's will. It's all about unlocking potential and respecting boundaries, so that hypnosis can be used ethically, safely and in a way that is meaningful to the individual. So don't forget - hypnosis isn't just mind control - it's about understanding our own minds!

Woman in hypnosis with text on the frame
Image with an orange background that says 9 things hypnosis can't do

7. Hypnosis can't guarantee success.

Even though hypnosis is extremely effective, there still isn't a guarantee that hypnotherapy will succeed unique nature of each individual. Everyone is different and some are more resistant to hypnotic suggestions than others. It might take a few sessions just to get them in a relaxed state. But even then, a hypnotherapist can only work within the limits of what the individual is willing to accept; if the person isn't into it and don't want to accept the hypnotherapist's advice, there's not going to be any progress made. So if you wanna make it work, you gotta show up and give it your all!

This is a good time to note that there is also no magic number for how many sessions you need to reach your goal. Every individual's goals and needs are different, so it really depends on the person. Some people may only need one session if they're already in a good place to make progress while others may need multiple sessions over time to get where they want to be. Either way, hypnotherapy can be an incredibly powerful tool for self-improvement, as long as you're willing to put in the effort.

8. Hypnosis cannot allow someone to access information they would otherwise not be able to access, such as details of a crime or other confidential information.

Hypnosis is an awesome tool, but it's not magic! It can't be used to force someone to divulge secrets or override their will. It's all about helping people tap into their own inner resources and make changes that they WANT to make. That's the power of hypnosis - it helps us become more open to suggestion and gain powerful insights into ourselves. But remember, it's not a way to access confidential or otherwise inaccessible information - so don't go thinking you can use this as an excuse to snoop around! Respect the boundaries of hypnosis and use it in a safe and ethical manner for self-exploration and personal growth. It's totally awesome when used right!

9. Hypnosis cannot create false memories or implant false information into someone’s mind without them knowing it

Hypnosis can't be used to deceive or implant false beliefs into someone's mind without them knowing. Sure, when you're under hypnosis your conscious mind relaxes, making you extra-suggestible - but that doesn't mean the suggestions being made aren't subject to your own personal evaluation. You can still choose to accept or reject whatever is being suggested!

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for unlocking the mind and making changes, but never in a way that takes away someone's control or imposes false beliefs. It's all about respecting the boundaries and using hypnosis for its intended purpose - to help people explore their inner selves in meaningful ways. So don't be fooled into thinking you can use hypnosis to manipulate other minds, cause it's not gonna work!

Hypnotherapy can be used for so many amazing things- it's an awesome tool for tapping into the power of your subconscious and making changes that you WANT to make - but it's not some kind of magical mind control! It can help us gain powerful insights, but we still have to put in the work and respect our own boundaries.

So, if you want to explore the depths of your inner self and make positive changes through hypnotherapy, book a session with me.

Just don't forget to bring an open mind and a sense of adventure! 🙂

I’m an expert at subconscious reprogramming, a nerd when it comes to human behavior, and my obsession is teaching others how to be their best selves (without all of the resistance and self-sabotage).

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