9 Best Meditation Podcasts

written by: Adreanna Santos     |     May 24, 2022

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There’s SO much meditation content out there these days, and it can feel overwhelming to choose the ones that are a good fit for you. So0oo0 I did the work for you and put together the list below with what I think are the best meditation podcasts out there right now.


Why I love Meditation Podcasts

I never really thought to turn to podcasts for my meditations. I always stuck to apps or YouTube videos and would spend what felt like forever finding ones I liked.

Nothing is worst than when you have 15 minutes to get a meditation done, spend 5 minutes trying to find one that fits what you need, and then start listening to it and realize that either the sound is awful or you can’t stand the voice.

And because it took so much effort to find ones that resonated with me, I felt like I had to stick to the same ones because I dreaded having to search again 🤮 It seemed like the only option to get consistent quality meditations was by paying for a subscription that I was going to buy for a year and then forget about only to be charged again a year later (seriously e v e r y time).

It made it so hard to get into a meditation routine because I felt overwhelmed AND frustrated AND bored!

Once I stumbled on one meditation podcast, I realized that there are TONS of podcasts on meditations to choose from. This was so exciting because once I found ones that I really liked, I knew I could trust them to give me what I needed and wouldn’t have to spend precious time searching. Plus, it meant that there was constantly new meditations being released to choose from so I new I wasn’t going to get bored of the same ones.


When I’m looking for a good meditation, I usually judge the voice, the quality of the audio, the music/sound, and what’s included in the meditation. I finally feel like I found a handful of resources I know I can trust so I don’t waste my time sorting through the clutter. It’s helped me stay consistent with my meditation practice, and I hope it will do the same for you!

Check out the list below for the best meditation podcasts, and let me know if there’s any you would add to the list!

And, if you’re new to meditation and feel like you need some background before you dive in to a meditation podcast, check out this guide I put together to give you all the info you need.


Best Meditation Podcasts

Mindful in minutes

Mindful in Minutes cover art

Show’s bio: Short, weekly guided meditations to help you stress less and live more. Each week join Kelly Smith, founder of Yoga For You, for simple and grounded guided meditations that are 20 minutes or less and cover an array of topics that will help you with real life like anxiety, insomnia, self-esteem and manifestation.

I love Kelly’s voice! Her inviting and friendly voice makes the meditations incredibly relaxing and easy to drop into. It makes me believe what she’s saying which is so important in meditation. When she tells me to love myself, I want to show myself love because it feels like a supportive friend guiding me. Her meditations are filled with mantras that correlate with the episode topic that leave you feeling soothed and empowered.

She has free weekly meditation podcasts, free bonus content like tips, and she also has additional paid content if you want more.

Check it out here.


The Soul Connection Podcast

The Soul Connection Podcast cover art

Show’s bio: Welcome to The Soul Connection Podcast. Hosted by yoga and meditation teacher Katie Arnold, this podcast is the place where you get the tools to truly connect to yourself. Grab your journal, find your comfortable meditation position, and let’s connect.

The Soul Connection Podcast just recently launched in January, but has been putting out consistent weekly meditations since. She sets an intention each month and then focuses each meditation on that intention for the month. She includes a journal prompt at the end of each episode to take your practice further. Journaling after meditation is an incredibly impactful practice that allows you to go deeper on the topic and get the most out of your meditation so I love that she provides journal prompts dedicated to each one. 

You can listen in here.


Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton

Meditation Minis cover art

Show’s bio: Short guided meditation to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence, and more. Don’t think you have the time, or mental focus, to meditate? Most of these guided meditations are just 10 minutes - sometimes less. Soothe your stress away with this award winning guided meditation podcast by Hypotherapist Chel Hamilton today.

Each episode consists of a meditation that’s between 5-10 minutes long which is perfect if you don’t have much time. I really like how each episode focuses on a specific topic such as blocking negativity or cutting the cords of grief. It’s nice to sort through the episodes and pick out what I’m needing in that particular day.

Listen here.


The Morning Ritual with Lilly Balch

The Morning Ritual with Lilly Balch cover art

Show’s bio: For centuries, rituals have been used to bring order and clarity to daily activity. The Morning Ritual is a meditation podcast intended to do just that. Each episode includes a centering meditation to bring more ease, balance, and joy into your mornings, and ultimately into your lives. Please note, you don’t have to be a morning person or a meditator!

The Morning Ritual’s intention is to give you the tools to set the tone for your day so that you carry a sense of groundedness, presence, joy and productivity with you. And this meditation podcast does exactly that for me. It doesn’t even matter what the topic of the meditation is, her tone and voice is enough to make me feel grounded and present! Each episode begins with a short explanation of the meditation or what inspired it which is nice because I feel like I’m also getting a mini lesson.

Check it out here.


Daily Meditation Podcast by Declutter The Mind

best meditation podcasts daily meditation podcast coverart

Show’s bio: Daily Meditation Podcast is where you’ll find a new guided meditation practice every day. We offer different types of practices from mindfulness and visualizations, to body scans and loving-kindness. Whether you’re looking to meditate for focus, to manage anxiety, help you sleep, or live a more examined life, you’ve come to the right place.

This meditation podcast is a hidden gem, and probably the top of my life of best meditation podcasts! It includes meditations that feel very similar to one’s you would find on the Calm or Headspace app, which means it’s great free content! What I love about this podcast is that it includes moments of silence that break up the talking/guidance. I like having guidance, but sometimes I relax more when I have silence,  and this podcast is a nice mix of the both. This meditation podcast uses a male voice, but his voice is incredibly soothing. It also includes meditations for different topics so you can scan through and find what you need for each moment. To give you an idea on what you can chose from, here are some of the topics their meditations have covered: anxiety and fear, relieving stress, hope, temptations, insecurities, abundance, optimism.

Listen here.


The Daily Meditation Podcast by Mary Meckley

best meditation podcasts - the daily meditation podcast coverart

Show’s bio: Be happy, healthy, more at peace, and sleep better as you’re greeted with a new guided meditation technique every morning. Mary Meckley introduces you to a new weekly theme based on an emotion. Explore a new meditation technique every day.

Tbh it bothers me that she says the episode numbers at the beginning of every episode. Idk why but when I hear “episode 2,562”, it makes me anxious AF. But other than that…. 🙂

There’s a different theme each week and each episode correlates with the theme of that week. Some of the past weekly themes are positivity, habits for success, healing from toxic relationships, and surrender. Also, each episode offers a custom guided meditation that offers a meditation technique. Mary also includes a lot of explanation in each meditation, so this is a great option for beginners!

You can listen in here.


Tune Into You Meditation Podcast

best meditation podcasts - Tune Into You Meditation Podcast coverart

Show’s bio: This is more than a meditation podcast. Each episode is an opportunity to transform a part of your life from the inside out. Jennifer is a Transformational Coach and Hypnotherapist. The insights shared in these meditations can change the core beliefs and limitations that create anxiety, doubt, procrastination, and so much more. With each episode, you have the ability to relax, go within, and connect to your inner wisdom.

This is a great option for a meditation podcast! I find myself unwinding and relaxing with each of these episodes. The meditations are very thorough with incredible visuals to allow you to drift off. Because there’s not much explanation or guidance in each episode, this might be a good option if you’re a moderate to advanced meditator.

Check it out here.

Meditate 365

best meditation podcasts - Meditate 365 coverart

Show’s bio: Daily meditation will change your life. It will make you happier, less reactive, and more present. This podcast combines a short daily meditation with a bit of inspiration and motivation using research proven strategies to help you live a happier life.

The title of this meditation podcast is Meditate 365, but they haven’t posted new content in about a year. Buttttt, there’s hundreds to choose from previous years so you'll never run out of content!

Listen here.

Sleep Meditation for Women

best meditation podcasts - Sleep-Meditation for Women coverart

Show’s bio: Sleep meditations created for those who identify as women or who feels called to listen. Can’t sleep? Insomnia? Mind racing with worries and a never-ending to-do list? Tune in to the Sleep Meditation for Women podcast and let these guided meditations help you ease into sleep peacefully. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and hosted by Katie Krimitsos. Get comfy, press play and let yourself be guided into dreamland.

This meditation podcast is specifically for sleep, but it seems like so many people are searching for good nighttime meditations, so I wanted to include it on this list of best meditation podcasts. Between the music, the voice, and the script, this meditation podcast is guaranteed to relax you. They even speak their ads in the same soothing voice which I think is so funny and clever - sometimes I don’t even realize that it’s an ad because it flows with the meditation so seamlessly!

You can listen here.

I hope I convinced you to start using podcasts as a resources for your meditations, and really hope you found one on this list that you liked. For me, it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders when I know exactly where to go for my meditations without the anxiety of “how long will I spend searching for one today”.

And if that’s not enough, you really can’t argue with free quality content!

If you’re looking to make the most of your meditation practice, I created this list of 150+ mantras for you! These will help you stay mindful and carry that meditation zen throughout your day. Download below to start feeling goooooood.

I’m an expert at subconscious reprogramming, a nerd when it comes to human behavior, and my obsession is teaching others how to be their best selves (without all of the resistance and self-sabotage).

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