Ep. 9 – Partner Lists + Fixed vs Growth Mindset

written by: Adreanna Santos     |     April 23, 2021

I’m kicking off this episode by talking about dating apps. I talk about the shame that revolves around dating and dating apps, as well as, some of my experiences on the apps. And then I deep dive into the unrealistic expectations and vision of the perfect partner I created when putting together my list for my future partner. I touch on why this list was coming from a wounded place, and then go into why I’m scrapping the list and focusing on finding someone that has a growth mindset.

In this episode, I also talk about...
• How my extensive list was protecting myself from potential hurt
• How I’m projecting my perfectionism onto potential partners
• The difference between a fixed and growth mindset

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I’m an expert at subconscious reprogramming, a nerd when it comes to human behavior, and my obsession is teaching others how to be their best selves (without all of the resistance and self-sabotage).

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