How I Manifested My Dream Apartment

written by: Adreanna Santos     |     April 7, 2021


2 years ago, I bought a home. It wasn’t my dream home, but it was a beautiful home nonetheless. I spent my workdays scrolling through Pinterest, and my weekends shopping for decor. I was determined to do anything I could do to give it the homey feeling I dreamed of when I was growing up.

When my engagement ended, I had to make a decision to either sell and release the dream I once had, or to keep it and allow it to limit my future (it was a wee bit more expensive than I could afford alone). I was torn. I wanted to keep the house because of how much love I had put into making it a home, but I also wanted to run away from the memories (both good and bad) that were created inside.

The emotions I felt when I had to sell the house were… unbearable.

I felt both relief and grief the day of the closing (the day before my birthday, what do ya know). After signing the papers that gave away a piece of my heart, I returned back to my parents’ house and sat in my childhood room so lost, confused, and heartbroken.

I didn’t think I would ever find another place that would feel that much like home again. I put so much effort into making it a home, picking out the wall colors I wanted and dreaming up DIY projects to transform each room. I spent 2 years envisioning my future within those walls. Picturing the laughter and memories that would come as I daydreamed about my forever.

I didn’t think I could ever achieve that same sense of home without another person.

But as always with healing, there comes a point when you start to see the light.

As I continued to heal from heartbreak, I started to realize that it didn’t feel like home because of who I shared it with, it felt like home because of what I made it.

The possibility of living on my own, and enjoying it, that once felt like a distant dream started to seem more possible. I wrote down my list and decided I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than what I wanted. I mean, after what I had been through, I deserved it and trusted that the universe could provide.

It took 6 months for my dream apartment to come to me because I had a lot of healing, learning, and growing to do before I was ready to receive it. But when it did, it felt like a dream come true. The type of dreams that only happen in Disney World.

Not only did it have E V E R Y . S I N G L E . T H I N G on my list, but it came through effortlessly.

I hope sharing this with you will inspire you to start your own manifestation practice, and to understand that anything is possible when you put in the work.

The Steps I Took to Manifest My Dream Apartment

1. Got clear on what I wanted

I made a list of everything that I wanted. Everything from the big things to the little things. I didn’t hold back. Once my list was done, I went through each item and reflecting on WHY I wanted those things. Was it coming from my authentic self, or was it coming from ego? I kept all of the things that felt authentic, and either removed the things that were out of alignment, or reworded them to come from an authentic place.

Here’s an example. I originally wrote down “hard wood floors”. Was hard wood floors really a deal breaker? No. What I actually wanted was a place that felt modern, clean, fresh, and upscale. So I removed “hard wood floors” and put in “feels updated”.

When we get so caught up in the details, it can actually block us from receiving the magic the universe can provide because we get so fixated on specific details. It’s important to get down to the core essence of what you want.

2. Looked for people and experiences to expand my mind into what was possible

I searched for inspirational stories of people who were able to manifest things beyond their wildest dreams. This continued to keep me inspired that anything is possible. I’ve been manifesting for long enough to know that anything is possible. But, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the “this will never happen to me” in the process. In times like this, it’s important to tap into the magic that has happened for other people to stay inspired.

Hot tip: Struggling to find inspiration? Add that to your manifestation list! I have countless lists asking the universe to send me people, stories, and experiences that can expand my mind. I feel myself expanding when I get a rush of “WAIT, anything really is possible!”

3. Got really freakin’ clear on my limiting beliefs

This was the hardest part. I asked myself, “what are all the reasons I don’t think I can manifest this apartment?” And I wrote them all down. I had to get clear on ALL of the reasons I didn’t think manifesting an apartment and living on my own was possible.

You’ve heard me talk about my relationship with money before, so is there any surprise that my biggest limiting beliefs were around money? Nope.

“I can’t afford it”, “it’s too expensive”, “I don’t have enough money”.

I genuinely didn’t think there was any way I could live by myself. I looked at my expenses, bank account, budget a million times and just didn’t see how it would ever happened. Defeated.

And it’s funny all of the ways our limiting beliefs actually manifest themselves into thoughts. I was so stuck in my limiting beliefs that I actually convinced myself that there were no apartments out there for me. I was absolutely convinced everything in my price range was too small, outdated, and unsafe.

4. Reprogrammed those limiting beliefs with subconscious reprogramming

The limiting beliefs I uncovered above were what were standing between me and my dream apartment.

So, I started to dissect them. When did I pick up these beliefs? Why didn’t I think it was possible to live alone? Why didn’t I think I could afford it? All of the answers to these stemmed from childhood. And uncovering them gave me direction on where my healing was. Healing from the stories I was carrying around that weren’t mind so that I could step into beliefs that were serving me instead.

Once I was able to see where those limiting beliefs originated form, I took them through meditations to reprogram my subconscious to overwrite the limiting beliefs I picked up. Once I started doing that, they started to have less control over me, and allowed me to take the actions that I needed to align with the things that I wanted.

The amazing thing with subconscious reprogramming is one day everything just clicks. The things that used to bother you no longer do, you’re able to see things differently all of a sudden.

Remember the millions of times I looked at my expenses and bank account? When I started to reprogram my money limiting beliefs, one day, I was able to look at my money differently and see exactly how I could afford it. It wasn’t that I was bringing anymore money in, it was like the fog in my head was cleared so I could actually look at my money in a clear way. Like I was finally opening my eyes and seeing clearly for the first time.

5. Reinforced and visualized what I wanted

Reprogramming your subconscious is often not enough to make your limiting beliefs go away. You have to take conscious action to reinforce the new beliefs that you do want. This is where money affirmations came in to to overwrite the “I don’t have enough money” thoughts to “Money comes and money comes and money comes”.

This is also where I continued to spend my money to show the universe that I trusted that I was being supported, and didn’t need to hoard my money. Actually, being scared to spend my money is a fear based action, and communicates to the universe that I don’t feel supported. In order to receive, the universe needs to know that you are in full trust and surrender. So in this case, allowing myself to spend my money on the things that I wanted was actually in the interest of my higher self (I know, sounds like an excuse to just spend, right? But I stayed in budget don’t worry )

Visualization is the step everyone’s heard about. But it can be hard to visualize if you don’t actually believe that something is possible. Because there is doubt in your mind. But once I was able to see that my limiting beliefs were not true, I was able to reinforce beliefs that I DID want to have. Then, my visualizations started to feel more believable.

And you know what they say, the more real the visualization feels to you…..

6. Set boundaries and refused to settle

The universe started to send me tests to see what I would settle for, but I hunkered down on my authentic code and refused to settle for less than I wanted.

Tests came in the form of hearing comments like “living on your own is too expensive” and “you can’t find a place that has all of those things”. For situations like this, I had to set boundaries with the people around me. I told them I didn’t want to talk about my apartment search with them, or I would just change the subject altogether. I knew that hearing these comments would pull me out of flow with the universe because they would cause me to fall back into my old patterns and limiting beliefs. And after all of the work I was putting in already, I sure as hell didn’t want that.

Tests also came when I started looking for apartments. There were apartments that were almost my entire list, but notttttt quite. These looked like an apartment that had everything I wanted, but felt a little small. Or was my entire list, but wasn’t in the neighborhood I wanted.

It was freakin HARD, but I had to say no to each place that wasn’t my entire list. Here I am holding out hope that something better is out there, while people are telling me that what I want is impossible.


But I had to stay in trust. I had to trust that what I wanted was really out there. So, I refused to settle for less than I wanted, and chose to lean into trusting the universe instead of settling. Each time I said no to something that wasn’t my entire list, I was communicating with the universe that I was worth exactly what I wanted.

7. Followed my intuition, took action, and stayed open to receiving

Sometimes we think our manifestations will come to us on a silver platter with a giant neon sign with an arrow that says “HERE IT IS”. But we have to take the necessary action. And often, our manifestations come to us in quiet, subtle ways.

I didn’t sit around waiting for the apartment to fall in my lap (although there have been times this has happened). I searched online, and toured multiple different ones.

When I called to set up an appointment to look at the complex I’m in now, the lady told me that they didn’t have any one bedrooms available at the moment. My intuition said to just agree anyway, although my brain was like “WHY TF am I bothering?” But I listened to my intuition.

When I got to the appointment, she told me that she misspoke and she has ONE one bedroom available that just opened up. Literally W H A T!?

When I was touring the place, it was just a quite knowing that this was it. Unlike all of the other places I had toured, I didn’t feel the need to ask a million questions. My intuition just knew this was it.

I applied and got accepted right away. The process didn’t go entirely smooth, there were some bumps in the road (again, we can’t assume that just because it’s a manifestation, there won’t be kinks. The universe is always testing us to see if we’ll stay in trust).

I stayed in trust that what is meant for me won’t pass. I moved in 2 months later, and looked at my list and realized it checked every. single. box I wanted. 🤯🤯🤯


Oh! Annnnndd, I manifested all of my new furniture when I moved in. I was very abundant at this time 🙂

I wake up every morning in complete awe that I not only get to wake up in a place I literally dreamed about, but that I was able to make it feel like more of a home than any other place I’ve ever lived in. It may just be me and Cody, but I’ve filled this one bedroom apartment (and garage, thank you universe) with a warmth I struggled to achieve at my last house. And the memories we’ve made within these walls taste so much sweeter than I ever could have imagined.

Anything is possible, friends! If you want more proof about that, listen to how I manifested my dream car also!

I hope this story expands you and gives you some insight on how to make your dreams come to fruition. Happy manifesting!

xo, Adreanna

I’m an expert at subconscious reprogramming, a nerd when it comes to human behavior, and my obsession is teaching others how to be their best selves (without all of the resistance and self-sabotage).

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